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“Having never gone through this experience, i was walking into a blind situation. Ned was professional, spelled out all the options clearly and understandably. I felt confident going through the situation that Ned had everything under control and in my best interest. He came highly recommended and i too highly recommend Ned Khan. Everybody’s situation is different but i feel i came through with the best representation available and a good outcome.”


“When Ned khan says he’s gonna get you off Scott free, believe him. I never met such knowledgable, compassionate law professional before. Ned has handled several of my legal need over the years and I have always been more than satisfied with his services, and the price is always right. Mr khan only charged me about half of what others wanted for the same job. Thanks again Ned!”


“Mr.Khan handled my case with great expertise.He obviously was well prepared and experienced in the matters of my case.He was honest with me from the beginning of the process and kept me well informed throughout the process.I would highly recommend Ned to any prospective client.
Thanks Ned – you made the best of a bad situation for me.I am very grateful.”


“Mr Khan completely outwitted opposing counsel. He knows the law and how to work the courtroom/ he was well prepared, organized and easily reached to review my case, his fee is both reasonable and worth it. I highly recommend Mr Khan as your choice of attorney!”


“Ned is a Rare gem in the field of attorneys. He has been my attorney for 3 years and he has been nothing short of spectacular. He actually listens to you and is passionate at what he does. He is Sharp and I’m glad I can call him my attorney. Thanks Ned!!”


I had a case with Mr. Khan it was regarding my 17 year old son before meeting Mr.Khan i was confound hopeless not know what to do he was charge with a felony my son was facing over 20 years in prison for something he did not do. I did not had the money for it every other lawyer i poked to regarding my sons case was asking so much and that was only to take the case. What i what to say is that thanks to Mr.Khan effort dedication the communication we had and all his hard work to bring out the truth off the case the out come was NOT GUILTY! all counts. there are no words how grate full Am with Mr. Khan
Thank you.”


“Very professional. Totally trusted him and got great results. Very smooth in court”


“He won my case when I didn’t even think I had a chance. He did a great job on my criminal case.”



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