Aurora Child Support Lawyer

aurora child support lawyerIn Illinois child support is set using statutory guidelines generally. The guidelines use a percentage of the payer’s net income (income after taxes and some other deductions).

In Illinois the guidelines are set according to the number of children you have as follows:

1. Child. 20%

2. 28%

3. 32%

4. 40%

5. 45%

6. or more. 50%

These guidelines are followed in most cases although there are exceptions based upon a number of other factors such as very high incomes, very low incomes and equal parenting time. In some cases it is very straightforward setting child support and in others where the payer earns bonuses or is paid sporadically it can become more challenging.

Modifying Child Support

To modify child support that has been set you must show a change in circumstances. Typical changes are new employment, loss of employment or significant raises or reductions in income. If the payer’s income goes up or down significantly, the amount of child support can be modified upon the filing of a proper motion with the Court.

Whether you are setting child support for the first time or modifying an existing child support order, please contact my office for a free consultation so that I can explain all of your options to you. Ned C. Khan is an experienced Child Support Lawyer in Aurora who always provides clients with representation in Naperville, Illinois.