Aurora Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Aurora Uncontested Divorce LawyerIf you and your spouse both agreed that your marriage is over and are in agreement on all major issues like property distribution, child custody, child support, maintenance and visitation, you may be eligible for an uncontested divorce with the help of an Aurora Uncontested Divorce Attorney.

My job as a Divorce Lawyer in Aurora is to (in these situations) put your agreement in the proper legal form so that you can get divorced as quickly as possible. I have completed uncontested divorces in less than thirty days. Uncontested divorces are always less expensive than contested divorces because they can be completed in much less time and typically only require one court appearance for the parties. Of course, you still need an experienced and skilled Aurora Divorce Lawyer to draw up the proper paperwork so that the agreement clearly addresses all property issues and/or child custody or child support/maintenance issues of the parties.

I have done many uncontested divorces where I am the only attorney, however, I can only represent one spouse, as it is a conflict of interest for an Aurora Divorce Attorney to represent both spouses in a divorce. In those situations, I prepare all the paperwork and then let both parties review the documents and make whatever changes that the parties agree to.

If you believe that you would like more information about an uncontested divorce, please call me for a free consultation.

Can One Aurora Uncontested Divorce Attorney Handle My Divorce?

One Aurora Divorce Lawyer can do all the work necessary to get two people divorced, but he or she can only represent one of the parties. It is unethical to represent both parties to a divorce. The party who is not represented by an attorney must understand that the attorney is working for the party who is paying him and not for both sides.

How Much Will A Divorce Cost Me?

Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer because each person’s case is different. I, like most other Aurora divorce attorney’s, bill for my time hourly. The more things that can be agree to, the less time that I have to spend, the lower the attorney’s fees will be. However, the more times I am in court, the more motions that need to be argued, the longer that a trial goes, the higher the Aurora Divorce Attorney’s fees. Of course, cases involving millions in dollars in assets are more complicated than those involving relatively few assets.

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