Aurora Removal Lawyer

Aurora Removal LawyerWhen one party to a divorce or family law case wishes to leave the State of Illinois and take a child or children with them to the new state, the issue of removal is raised.

Parties must obtain a court’s permission to remove minor children from the State of Illinois if there is an Illinois court order regarding custody. The party seeking removal must demonstrate evidence that the removal of the child is in the best interests of the child. Court’s typically look at a number of factors to decide if the removal should be allowed but the fundamental inquiry is whether the child will be better off in the new state. If a party has removed the child from the State of Illinois without the permission of the Court, prompt action must be taken to have that party court ordered back to the State of Illinois with the child.

Removal cases can be very emotional as one party can truly lose the ability to see their child for extended periods of time. It is imperative that you have competent counsel representing when dealing with a removal case.

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