Aurora Visitation Attorney

Aurora Visitation Attorney

In January of 2016 the Illinois Legislature rewrote the laws concerning visitation in the State of Illinois. Instead of the term visitation we now use the word parenting time.

Setting a parenting time schedule is extremely important because it sets forth the specific time that the non-custodial parent can spend with the child or children. Only an order that is specific in dates and times can be enforced by the court.

Many times people forget to specify holiday and summer parenting time in their parenting time orders and as a result can be denied parenting time on important holidays and prevented from taking their children on a vacation.

Only a well-crafted visitation order can assure you that you will be able to see your children as much as possible.

Modifying Parenting Time

Parenting time orders can be modified if there is a change in the parties’ circumstances or the children’s lives. Many times parenting time needs to be modified as children get older so that their schedules and activities can be accommodated.

Whether you are in need of setting or modifying parenting time, or are having parenting time issues with a former spouse, contact the Law Offices of Ned C. Khan to discuss your parenting time issues with a Visitation Attorney in Aurora.