Naperville Probation Lawyer

Naperville Probation LawyerProbation violations are proceedings where the prosecutor is alleging that you have not complied with some aspect of your probation. It can be that you didn’t complete counseling or community service, you didn’t pay your fines, you tested positive for drugs or you got arrested on a new charge.

Any one of these can allow the Judge to revoke your probation and re-sentence you up to the maximum penalty of whatever you were charged with. There are many strategies we can use to make sure the Judge does not send you to jail for violating your probation. Many times I have been able to simply extend the period of probation to allow my clients to complete tasks that they had not done yet and avoid jail altogether.  No matter what type of violation you are facing I can help you to negotiate with the State’s Attorney or sometimes even the Judge to get you the lightest possible sentence. However, please understand that typically if you have been sentenced to complete a certain task, be it counseling, community service or SWAP, in most cases you will still have to complete the originally ordered tasks.

Our main focus is to avoid the harsher penalties like incarceration that are a very real possibility in any probation violation case. Obviously, you need the assistance of a competent attorney to help avoid this result.

If you are searching for a way to avoid harsher penalties as a result of a probation violation, contact the Law Offices of Ned C. Khan to speak with an experienced Probation Lawyer in Aurora. Ned Khan also provides representation for clients who reside in Naperville, Illinois. For a free consultation with a probation attorney, call 630-820-3203.