aurora child support lawyer In July of 2017 the Illinois legislature completely changed how child support it calculated. Illinois has joined 39 other states in using an Income Shared method in calculating child support. The Illinois Department of Health and Family Services has produced tables to calculate child support based upon the combined net income of both parties. Individuals who are obligated to pay child support now pay child support based upon these tables and their percentage of income between the two parties. For example a person who makes 75% of the combined income of both parties would end up paying 75% of the child support as stated in the child support tables. Child support calculators may be found at

There are many other substantial changes to the child support laws. For parents who have more than 146 overnights during the year, the new law sets forth a formula for calculating child support that takes into account the percentage of days in the year that the person paying support has the child or children. Also, health care insurance costs, extra- curricular expenses and day care costs are also addressed in the new law providing that the Court can order a person to pay for all three as well as child support.

Please note that for those wishing to modify child support there still must be a change of circumstance, i.e., loss of a job, increase or decrease in income before a court will modify child support. The change in child support laws is not considered a change in circumstance.

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