Aurora Contested Divorce Lawyer

aurora contested divorce lawyerAny Aurora divorce case will cause most people some amount of stress and anxiety; however a contested divorce case can truly affect even the strongest person. If you anticipate that your divorce will be contested, you need to hire an experienced attorney who will help you realize your goals and help you deal with the most stressful period of time you may ever encounter.


I am a Aurora Contested Divorce Lawyer who has been litigating divorce cases for over twenty years now and have handled all different sorts of cases. I use a common sense approach designed to get you quick and effective results. I can assure you that I will be a zealous advocate of your position and use my experience as an Aurora Divorce Attorney, aggressive courtroom tactics and proven methods to maximize your eventual award. As with any case, preparation is the key to success and I can assure you that I will effectively and efficiently prepare your case for trial.


Contested issues in a divorce case may revolve around distribution of assets, child support, maintenance, custody or visitation. In many instances spouses attempt to hide assets or income from the other spouse. My Bachelors of Science in Finance allows me to find and review complicated financial documents that are the key to discovering hidden assets and income. Even the cleverest people leave some paper trail somewhere.

If you have questions or concerns about a contested divorce in Aurora or Naperville, IL, call my office today at 630-820-3203 for a free consultation with an experienced Aurora Contested Divorce Lawyer.