Aurora Juvenile Defense Attorney

Aurora Juvenile Defense AttorneyWhen children under the age of 18 violate a criminal law in the State of Illinois, the State’s Attorney’s Office will typically file a Petition to Adjudicate the Minor Child a Ward of the Court. This is the manner in which a juvenile case proceeds, both parents must be notified by service of summons and a copy of the Petition.

If a minor is found to broken one of the criminal laws they can be sentenced to a very wide range of sentences, from supervision, to being sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections Juvenile Division. The Court in a juvenile case has very broad powers to supervise minor children including even placing the minor in a residential facility outside the home. Juvenile Courts can additionally keep jurisdiction over the minor until he or she reaches the age of 21. Juveniles are afforded most of the same rights as adults except that they may not have a jury trial and they must be represented by an attorney at all times.

If a juvenile case is handled properly, there should be no permanent criminal record for the child.

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