Aurora Felony Defense Attorney

Over my career I have won many felony cases outright before trial and have had the charges dismissed against my client completely. In other cases I have had the charges reduced to a misdemeanor or been able to get probation and no prison time for my client. In many cases I have taken cases to jury trials and won the jury trial so no sentence is imposed. Every case is different but you can be guaranteed that I will investigate each case thoroughly and present the best possible defense for you.

Felonies are those crimes for which you may be sent to prison in excess of one year. An individual sent to prison is sent to the Illinois Department of Corrections, which is different than county jail.Felonies are classified as follows:
Class X 6 -30 years
Class 1 4-15 years
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
3-7 years
2-5 years
1-3 years

In addition some people may be eligible for extended term sentences, which double the sentence, because of their prior criminal record or consecutive sentences, which means you have to serve one sentence and then serve another sentence after the first has been completed. In felonies involving firearms a person can be subjected to an additional 20 years in prison depending on the particular charge.

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