Naperville Revoked License Lawyer

naperville revoked license lawyerIf your driver’s license has been revoked for any reason, you may be eligible for a reinstatement of your driving privileges through a hearing with the Secretary of State’s Office. Many people have been revoked for years and think that there is no way they will ever drive again. I have helped numerous people get their driver’s license back, even those who have had multiple arrests, DUI’s and accidents.

There are two types of hearings, Informal and Formal. Informal hearings can be done on short notice at many of the local Secretary of State Offices with a hearing officer. Formal hearings must be requested in writing after which point a hearing date will be set by the Secretary of State’s Office, to take place in either Joliet or Chicago. Present at the hearing will be a hearing officer who acts as judge, an attorney for the Secretary of State’s Office opposing you, and yourself. As the laws involved in Secretary of State Hearings are numerous and complicated, whether you need a formal or an informal hearing, in either case you must have a skilled attorney familiar with the process.

In any hearing type, it is your burden to prove to the Secretary of State’s Office that you will be a safe driver in the future. If your license has been revoked because of a DUI conviction or multiple convictions, there is a great deal of paperwork regarding your alcohol treatment that must be submitted properly to the Secretary of State’s Office. If any of your documents are incorrect or inconsistent, you will lose your hearing. I make sure all of your documents are correct and accurate.

If any of your testimony is inconsistent with your treatment documents or if your say the wrong thing, you will lose your hearing. Only thorough preparation will allow you to succeed in obtaining your driver’s license. At the Law Office of Ned C. Khan, I personally prepare you completely so that you can answer all of the tough questions you will be asked and so that there are no surprises for your on your hearing day.

If you would like to hear more about how to obtain your driver’s license once again, contact Ned C. Khan to speak with a Revoked License Lawyer in Naperville. For a free consultation with an experienced Aurora DUI Defense Attorney, call 630-820-3203 or fill out an online form.

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